Grungy Antiqued Folk Art dollie has been listed!!

I really love how this one has turned out. I've been experimenting with extreme grungy techniques so this one has a very antiqued tattered old look. I've added a patch of fabric to her neck. She sports the prettiest dress with distressed polka-dot light aqua fabric and civil reproduction fabric. She is a huge 24" tall and bigger than most of my dolls.
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As always she is one of a kind garanteed made with no pattern and will not be reproduced. A very, very special heartfelt thank you to all the wonderful customers who have been supporting my work even in this difficult economic times. :-)


In His service, Anne said...

Love her, great work!!

Karen said...

Oh Your work is so sweet! Thanks for dropping by.. It takes a lot of work to create those beautiful dolls..:)K