So many dollies- lol


So many dollies!! As fellow artists you might have experienced times where your studio starts to look overcrowed with sooooo many creations -lol. I have decided to list some on ebay as "buy it know" with the "best offer" option. You can send me an offer with your best price, it's that easy and there is no fear to be outbidded at the last minute. These are not the "best times" in terms of our economy but as a collector I understand how nice it is be to still be able to endulge in a little art gift for yourself.

If you see something you like but would like it customized please let me know as I can work with you. Also, I am not currently scheduled for any solo art gallery show this summer however, if you are in the DC /Baltimore area and would like to make an in person purchase please email me to schedule a visit at my art studio.


Dan Felstead said...

Benedetta...more beautiful work! I have to get my wife to your site...she will flat out love your style.


kecia said...

very cute! i'm such a sucker for dolls!