Latest creations- inside my home

I decided to take few pics of some of my latest creations. My mom says my house is looking like a folk art gallery store- LOL. Well, most of it it's actually for sale- lol...

So here I have my latest oh-so-shabby-chic dollie and in the back a folksy wooden basket that has a celestial theme with a sun on the other side- in my etsy store.

Tons of details in this one ....

she comes with a heart ornie perfect to be used as a pin-keeper..

This is a detail of the latest whimsical cat-already in my art shoppe

And here I have my bunny painting with my Johanna Parker Frame reproduction and my Warren Kimble prim boxes. Oh and all of my paintings can be framed upon request for an additonal charge :-) I think the bunny would look great with a distressed black frame..


Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

I think it would be cool to have enough folk art in your home to have a person say that!

I just love the bunny painting! Perfect for the Easter season fastly approaching.

Joy said...

I love the expressions in your character, Benedetta.