And the winner is....

I want to thank every single one of you wonderful people for stopping by my blog and participating in my One World One Heart Giveaway!!! I wish I could give a prize to all :-)
Anyway..the moment has arrived and I have picked a winner-it took forever to write all the names :-)....so here I go..the winner is---Paula---from Serendipity http://paulasserendipity.blogspot.com/ Congratulations!
This has been so much fun!!


Terri said...

Congratulations Paula!

This was a blast!

Paula @ the Little Young House said...

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!! I'M SO LUCKY!!!! And I'm soooo excited! THANK YOU, BENEDETTA! Yaaaay! (do I TYPE like I'm excited?!?!?)!!! I'm so excited to win your whimsical cat painting!! This kitty will have a good home here with me and my other two kitties!!!!

Thank you SO MUCH, Benedetta. I am THRILLED!!!!!!

I'm sending you an email with all my contact info. thanksthanksthanks!!!!

kecia said...

congrats, Paula! you'll really enjoy it.

Joy said...

Congratulations to Paula!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Paula!