Original Artist Dolls~ Sketch and Design

Few people have asked me how I design my artist dolls, so I figured I would address that question here :-) I usually get a random inspiration of what I want to create and then I begin thinking how my idea can be realized into the finished piece. Each creation is unique and I never know how the piece is going to look until is finished. The body of each doll is hand-drawn directly into the fabric. However, the actual design of the doll usually starts on paper, where I brainstorm ideas. I have here an example of the Make Do Bird, I recently finished. This is the exact sketch I used to make the bird. As you can see it does not perfectly corrispond to the finished bird but that's how I design. The drawing on paper serves as a raugh plan of what I wish to accomplish. So, here you have it :-) I made this Bird as part of a collection to display in an Art Gallery here in Baltimore. It looks quite cute as a center table.

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The Olde Prim House said...

LOve your little bird! Also love your blog!!