My Valentine Doll

I JUST Finished this one!!! ONE OF A KIND!!

Almost 20" tall she is Completely hand-made without a pattern. She also comes with her Love Bird pet and quilted heart.

The material used to make the doll's body, heart and bird is a VERY Fine italian cotton over 80 years old-amazingly- in pristine conditon. The divider between the dress and the apron is ALSO and antique piece! :-)

She has wool hair, painted eyes, lips & scuplted nose! She also wears hand-painted dark yellow boots with needled thread pink laces.

Hand-quilted and painted heart necklace!

White Love Bird Pet with golden touches of paint and the word LOVE written in old calligraphy style. The eyes are made with copper beads for that extra primitive look!


CresceNet said...

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peterconiglio said...

Wow it's wonderful! My congratulations Benedetta!!!

fatina preoccupina said...

complimenti! i tuoi lavori mi sono piaciuti tantissimo e vorrei vederli dal vivo.. chissà se prima o poi ci riuscirò. sono Rosella,la zia preferita del tuo amico Peterconiglio, ti ricordi? sono quella che assomiglia a Joan Baez, sai chi è? Come state tutti quanti? salutami tua mamma un abbraccio Rosella